C-Level Executive Competency-Based Behavioral Interviewing

Make Sure You Select the Right Person

Your recruiting and searching has been a tedious process – now looms the important task of interview and selection. As much as you want to select the right person, you also realize the importance of not making a bad decision.

We offer our consulting services in making sure you hire the right person for your job. Skills and experience are only part of the issue. We do competency-based behavioral interviewing right. Whereas other interviewers will make up competencies and resulting interview questions, we utilize a highly accurate powerful total person assessment to benchmark your job and obtain your candidate's true competencies and the strength of each trait. Our interviews target and probe the correctly identified areas of competency, strength and weakness of your candidate in addition to the areas of job fit to your organization.

  • complete validated competency assessment of mental abilities, interests, motivations, and behavioral traits
  • behavioral interview questions based on benchmarked scores for specific job
  • objective summary to go along with your subjective summary

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